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Alnwick Music Festival

Local artists who have taken part in recent festivals

We have a rich pool of talent to draw upon across Northumberland, the North East and Borders.Here are some of the great acts that have taken part in recent years (and we hope to see again soon!):

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In addition to those pictured o this page, these include Pauline Vallance, saxophonist Jonny D, Derek Johnson & family, Ernie Bainbridge, Paul Newman, The Uketeers, Dave Wearn, The Hoolies, David Ainsworth, Brian MacNamara, Lionheart Harmony, Helwa Bellydance Troupe and Wallace Calvert.

We hope to see many of these festival favourites again soon!

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The Bushbys

The GreyCatz  

Lionheart Harmony

Rhythm Stix

Alnwick Academy of Dance


The Caffreys

Tom O’Donnell

Tribe Zuza

Jimmy Little

Clifford Blakey   Jamie Robb  

Carol Robb

Ian Brown

Andrew Lobb