Alnwick International Music Festival

©Alnwick International Music Festival 2018

The Festival has been cancelled for 2018. We hope to be back in 2019.

Slideshow: Images of performers and audiences from previous years at Alnwick International Music Festival

Alnwick International

Music Festival

Alnwick, Northumberland, England

Registered Charity Number 1090589

The Festival Trustees regret to announce that they have had to take the sad and difficult decision to cancel this years Festival.

The principal reason is the lack of volunteers, particularly with the necessary technical skills, to support the eight day daytime and evening programme.  

The Festival has been running for 42 years.  In recent years, changes in visa requirements and  difficulty in finding legally compliant accommodation have made it difficult to present the once popular international dance troupes.

As most of the events are free entry, the Festival has always relied on large numbers of unpaid volunteers to keep things going. Unfortunately, the drop off in volunteers has finally made it impossible to guarantee a safe and enjoyable Festival week.

The Trustees are planning to examine all the options for providing a reformatted event for next year.

The Festival Trust is still committed to supporting "Great Northumberland 2018 Day" in Alnwick on Sunday 12th August.

Full details of the events of this day will be released shortly.

For a flavour of the artists who have taken part in recent festivals, see our 2017 Performers and Northumberland & UK pages.